About Us

Dedicated to bringing cutting edge, kick arse music from Japan to the UK, Europe and beyond. From our offices in London, we want to smash stereotypes, burst eardrums and fill shelves with our releases. Our journey so far has led to our first release, DIVISION by the GazettE, being featured as a Q4 hot release in British industry mag Music Week (found here on page 35), as well as the band being voted Music Act of 2012 by the readers of NEO Magazine. We followed that up in 2013 by getting their next album BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY into charts across Europe, including #3 in the iTunes UK Metal Chart and #2 and #5 Finland and France’s respective iTunes Rock Charts, as well as in the top ten of Amazon UK’s rock chart.

Our other releases include the phenomenal i’mperfect from Ling tosite sigure, a band almost impossible to summarise in a single sentence. It’s been compared to the likes of At The Drive-In, Muse, Fall of Troy and 65daysofstatic. Then we have the nitro-infused punk energy of POLYSICS with a European special edition of their album Weeeeeeeeee!!! (yes, with ten e’s), electronica meets rock via EMBRACE, the brilliant album from legends BOOM BOOM SATELLITES, plus MILLION from one Japan’s hottest new rock-pop talents SPYAIR.

We refuse to stick to a single genre. If it impresses us, it’s getting a release across our vast UK and European distribution network, taking music from Japan to places it’s never been before.

Welcome to the revolution.

UK Office:
JPU Records Ltd.
54 Grove Road West,


Company Registration Number: 08112558.