AMATSUKI releases second album Hakoniwa Dramatic

27 Jul AMATSUKI releases second album Hakoniwa Dramatic

Brilliant new vocal hero AMATSUKI has unleashed his second major album Hakoniwa Dramatic in Europe courtesy of JPU Records. The Japanese star, who first began posting cover songs on video sharing websites a few years, has now accumulated more than half a million followers on Twitter, was awarded “Breakthrough Artist 2015” by NHK World’s English language music show J-MELO, and has already topped the charts of Japan with his first live DVD and original songs.

Outside of Japan, AMATSUKI fever is already hotting up with millions of hits and comments flooding his YouTube channel from overseas. Due to popular demand, earlier this year AMATSUKI was invited to perform in front of thousands of people at MCM London Comic Con, the biggest event of its kind in Europe, and third biggest globally. There, he gained many new fans and sold hundreds of CDs before running out of stock entirely.

Highly influenced by Japanese pop culture, particularly anime, video game and vocaloid – a music phenomenon that has swept Japan involving synthetic vocals and virtual pop icons – AMATSUKI’s music packs a powerful dose of energy, charm and imagination that’s resulted in him winning fans the world over, regardless of language barriers.

Hakoniwa Dramatic is AMATSUKI’s second full length album since joining Japan’s massive King Records, and consists of 13 original tracks. Several videos from the album have also been uploaded to YouTube and experienced more than a million hits, including latest video Nagareboshi.

AMATSUKI – Hakoniwa Dramatic / 箱庭ドラマチックAmatsuki Hakoniwa Dramatic01. Shooting Star / シューティングスター [video]
02. Niji no Mukou e / 虹の向こうへ [video]
03. LIFE!! [video]
04. Nagareboshi / 流れ星 [video]
05. Nano Friends / ナノレンズ
06. Mikazuki Resize / ミカヅキリサイズ [video]
07. Hoshizukuyo / 星月夜 [video]
08. Airagi / 愛鍵
09. Ojyamachikku Lover / お邪魔チックLover
10. Hajimari no Uta / はじまりのうた
11. Kimagure Merry-Go-Round / 気まぐれメリーゴーランド
12. White Line
13. Good-bye Dramatic / グッバイドラマチック

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