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    Bed In – CO•CO•RO Generation: Out Now!

    Japan’s daring “Underground Sexy Idol” twosome Bed In bring back the bubble era once more with second single CO•CO•RO Generation, out now digitally worldwide. The self-produced unit, who performed at Summer Sonic earlier this month, sees guitarist Mai Chusonji (formally of Tokyo psychedelic garage rock outfit Rei no......

  • Bed In / ベッド•イン – RICH

    Bed In Bring Back 80s Japan with RICH

    “Sexy Underground Idol” twosome Bed In go international with their debut album RICH, featuring a cover shot by photography supremo Kishin Shinoyama. RICH, out today for digital download and streaming through JPU Records, pays homage to Japan’s bubble economy of the 80s and early 90s, an era......