Japan’s BAND-MAID and Amatsuki Rock Biggest MCM London Comic Con Yet

01 Jun Japan’s BAND-MAID and Amatsuki Rock Biggest MCM London Comic Con Yet

Rising international stars BAND-MAID and Amatsuki rocked MCM London Comic Con, as the three-day pop culture event experienced record numbers of more than 133,000 people attending, making it Europe’s biggest comic con and the third biggest event of its kind globally.

Both acts proved extremely popular, with combined queue times to meet them and get items signed exceeding six hours over the three days. The acts also performed to packed out crowds at all three of their live shows and sold more than one thousand CDs, T-shirts and merchandise – and would’ve sold more had they not sold out of nearly everything before the end of the event.

Amatsuki, who originally became popular through recording cover songs online, and has since topped Japan’s national charts with his original work, comments, “The UK is totally new place for me, but I am very glad that so many audience members enjoyed my music and I could gain such amazing experiences! I would love to come back and have a chance to sing in London again. Thank you so much.”

Miku Kobato, guitarist and vocalist of BAND-MAID, adds; “I am very happy that we could play our first UK serving* at MCM London Comic Con. This was our first time serving an outdoor stage outside of Japan, and it was a great experience. We will never forget that masters and princesses** called for an encore at the last serving at the event. Our latest album Brand New MAID will be launched in the UK from 17 June and we will definitely come back to do some serving once again. We will progress more and more towards our goals of world conquest.”

* please note, BAND-MAID refer to their performances as ‘servings’
** they also refer to their audience as masters and princesses.

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  • Aaron
    Posted at 13:38h, 01 June Reply

    They were absolutely fantastic and we all loved them. We knew we were in for an amazing show the second they were announced, but nobody could have imagined how insanely awesome it was going to be. Surely one of the best weekends of my life!
    Both acts fed off of the crowd energy and threw that energy straight back out at us really boosting the whole vibe. They also had a brilliant connection with the crowd, making it feel like the performance was personal to each and every one of us. It was such a powerful experience and we almost felt like we were apart of the show because we were so close and we could feed off of the energy, as well as get those cheeky high-fives and fist-bumps!

    I will never forget this weekend and what it has given to me.
    I have never felt such a connection before in a performance and I hope for them to return to the UK very soon!

  • George
    Posted at 14:33h, 01 June Reply

    It was an amazing weekend! Both Band Maid and Amatsuki put on an amazing show, and completely smashed the language barrier. Not only were the crowd having the time of their life — so were Amatsuki and the whole of Band Maid. I’m certain such an amazing MCM will be repeated!
    Thanks again!

  • Rossy
    Posted at 22:48h, 01 June Reply

    Band Maid were totally awesome at MCM…….Misa is my new crush, beauty is a low slung bass babe

  • Abel
    Posted at 01:01h, 02 June Reply

    Only the Band Maid ….The Best of the Best

  • Andrea Dorsa
    Posted at 08:57h, 02 June Reply

    I came from Italy specifically to see Band-Maid, and I don’t regret a single second of my trip. I had high expectations, but they smashed them with an even better performance. I would take the flight tomorrow if they were to perform again.

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