BAND-MAID Release First International Album 「Brand New MAID」

18 May BAND-MAID Release First International Album 「Brand New MAID」

BAND-MAID is one of Japan’s hottest up-and-coming all-girl rock acts. Its five members have been turning heads across the globe with their cute, authentic maid aesthetics combined with powerful, skilled musicianship ever since their first two music videos went viral last year.

Brand New MAID, the band’s latest album, will also be their first to get an international release and will be available across the UK and Europe courtesy of JPU Records from 17 June 2016. The CD version contains an exclusive bonus track as well as extra booklet containing lyric translations and transliterations into English. A limited edition T-shirt bundle is also available.

BAND-MAID went viral soon after the release of their first two music videos “Thrill” and “REAL EXISTENCE”, which have now achieved over four million views on YouTube. They have gained recognition from western media such as Team Rock, Metal Injection and Guitar World, with the latter commenting on the group’s ability to trend on social media, play their own instrument and to rock.

Formed in 2013, the band’s concept is based on founder Miku’s experiences in Akihabara’s maid cafes, an area of Tokyo famous for otaku (“geek”) culture, combined with her passion for rock music.

Press quotes:

“Those of us who keep a fairly close eye on social-media trends can’t help but notice that a new girl band from Japan has been showing up more and more. And for good reason. They’re called Band-Maid, they rock – and play their own instruments” – Guitar World

“They dress like maids and they definitely rock” ­– MetalInjection.net

Brand New MAID

Brand New MAID Tracklist:

  1. the non-fiction days <Watch Video>
  3. ORDER
  4. Brand-New Road
  7. Before Yesterday <Watch Video>
  8. alone <Watch Video>
  9. REAL EXISTENCE (Live Ver.) <CD Bonus Track>

Official CD Release Date:
17 June 2016

Order on CD:
Direct from JPU Records //  HMV // Amazon // Plastic Head // Grooves.land // Amazon // FNAC // Metal Mail Order // Wowhd // CDON // iMusic // Wowhd // Levykauppa Äx (Record Shop X) // Supersounds Music // Amazon // Media Markt // My Media Welt // RubyDon // Saturn // Treffpunkt Musikshop // Weltbild // World of Music // Wowhd // CDON //Amazon // Дюкян Меломан (Meloman-bg) // Amazon // Bengans // Wowhd // CDON // Ginza.se // CDON // Fan.pl // Media Markt // Weltbild // Wowhd // Wowhd //

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  • Robin Palmer
    Posted at 13:29h, 17 June Reply

    Amazing talent, not the gimmick you think. Brilliant musicians and really know how to hit it hard…..It’s a shame that the track ‘Thrill’ isn’t on the album. A great tune and the one that made me aware of the band. Look it up. The Bass and lead guitarists are brilliant. Just need them to go on tour in the UK now !!!

    • Kathleen Kelley-Ottobre
      Posted at 11:20h, 22 June Reply

      “Thrill” is on their previous album, “New Beginnings”. Look for it, it’s a great album!

  • Vincent Nishizumi
    Posted at 18:56h, 27 June Reply

    before yesterday has a video too now!:D

  • ben
    Posted at 16:16h, 04 April Reply

    These girls are legit! Need I say more?

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