MoCali’s Mahiru Becomes First Idol Columnist for NEO Magazine

Mahiru from Moso Calibration's pic

03 Sep MoCali’s Mahiru Becomes First Idol Columnist for NEO Magazine

Mahiru Kurumizawa of Japanese idol group Moso Calibration (MoCali for short) has began writing a monthly column for British magazine NEO, the UK’s longest running Asian entertainment publication.

NEO Magazine #167 cover pic

Mahiru is the first Japanese idol to become a columnist for NEO. She is fluent in English, and will introduce and offer a fresh view of Japanese pop culture, direct from its core! Her group Moso Calibration, who have songs produced by BABYMETAL‘s Yuyoyuppe, hail from Dear Stage, a venue situated in the heart of Tokyo’s subculture haven; Akihabara. Groups from Dear Stage not only perform at the venue, but are also its bar staff too. It’s famous for being the birth place of cultural phenomenon Dempagumi.inc, who now sell out arenas across the country.

NEO magazine has been the voice of Asian entertainment in the UK for over a decade, featuring a host of pop-culture experts writing on everything from mega Hollywood blockbusters, to premium Asian videogame franchises, Japanese manga, independent films, mega music talent, and more. With a team of writers based in the US, UK, Japan and further afield, NEO magazine is uniquely positioned to deliver the hottest new trends to a targeted audience of enthusiastic readers.

NEO issue #167, featuring Mahiru’s first column, is out now, and available to buy from select TESCO, SAINSBURY’S, MORRISONS and other stores across the UK, it’s also available digitally and can be ordered online;

Digital download: https://pocketmags.com/neo-magazine/issue167
Physical copy: https://www.selectmagazines.co.uk/product/neo-issue-167/

You can also follow Mahiru on Twitter: https://twitter.com/lunch_mahiru

In UK and Europe, Moso Calibration’s world debut album GREATEST HITS WORLD∞SELECTION♡ has been released by JPU Records in physical and digital formats. Check it out! The group recently performed at HYPER JAPAN in London as part of their world tour, and are currently doing a 47 prefecture tour of Japan, visiting every prefecture in the country.


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