SCANDAL Celebrate 10th Anniversary And Announce New Best of Album

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25 Aug SCANDAL Celebrate 10th Anniversary And Announce New Best of Album

SCANDAL just celebrated their 10th Anniversary at an outdoor stage in Osaka, where they first united as a band! And they’re asking fans to vote on their favourite three SCANDAL songs for a new greatest hits album scheduled for 2017. Cast your vote by going to http://scabest47.com

On August 21st, international girl-band, SCANDAL performed in Izumi Ohtsu Phoenix in Osaka (where they first united as a band), their “SCANDAL 10th ANNIVERSARY FESTIVAL ‘2006 – 2016’”.
At 4:30PM, when SCANDAL appeared on the scorching outdoor stage, 12,000 fans who gathered to celebrate their 10th Anniversary went frantic. The special 10th Anniversary live was kicked off with “LOVE SURVIVE”.

They played early songs like “BEAUTeen!” and “Playboy”, as well as songs like “Happy Birthday” from their newest album, ‘YELLOW’. August 21st was the day they formed the band and also RINA (Dr. & Vo.)’s birthday. With the gathered 12,000 fans, they celebrated these two birthdays together.

HARUNA (Vo. & Gt.) made the audience go wild when she greeted them, “Welcome to SCANDAL 10th ANNIVERSARY FESTIVAL ‘2006 – 2016’! So many came to see us… Thank you so much! We brought the absolute-best set list today from our 10 years. We’re going to make this our best day ever! Let’s make great memories together!”

From here, they played many memorable early songs including their major-label debut single, “DOLL” and “Shojo S”; and “Aitai-yo”, “Sayonara My Friend” from their second album.

At about the middle of the concert, late afternoon sun began to fall on stage. HARUNA then re-hyped up the audience by saying, “The sun is coming down and I bet you guys are thinking, ‘the concert too is about to end…’! But NO! We’re still gonna go on today!! Be prepared for a long day!!”
Looking back at the songs they had played, HARUNA commented, “We have been performing new and old songs together on many stages, and yes, we really have created many songs!”
And RINA (Dr. & Vo.) answered emotionally, “When we play, it really does feel that we have been doing this for 10 years.”

As this being their 10th Anniversary special concert, the four recalled the past and shared their memories.
HARUNA and MAMI were attending a dance & vocal school in Nagoya and TOMOMI and RINA were attending the same school in Osaka. The four met for the first time on August 21st, 10 years ago.
Many memorable episodes popped up and the venue was filled with laughter. A week before the meeting, MAMI got RINA’s email address, and MAMI had sent her a long, long mail. HARUNA was wearing a pink hair extension on her long hair at the time (for a dance stage), and seeing it, the youngest member, RINA was so nervous that she decided to show respect by using honorific Japanese to HARUNA, etc.

And HARUNA wrapped up, “So we met and it has been 10 years. We began performing on the streets around at that time, 2006, 2007… And at the beginning, we really didn’t have any audience on the streets. So we are really happy that we can perform in front of so many people today. Thank you so much. Please enjoy more of our show today. Thank you again!!” And the latter half of the concert began.

They performed their newest single, “Take Me Out” (which was written thinking about today’s concert), and “KOE” sang by MAMI (Gt. & Vo.), plus live favorites such as “Awanai tsumori no Genki de-ne” and “Your Song”. The main show finished with “Image”.

Responding to the fans’ powerful encore call, the four re-appeared on stage.
After performing “Rock’n Roll”, HARUNA spoke to the fans. “I keep on repeating the same message today, but thank you so much for coming all the way to Osaka on our 10th Anniversary day. When I think back about the days when we were still an indie band performing on the streets, this scene today is totally like a dream. But it’s not a dream, it’s real. Thank you to all of you who made this scene real; and to all the staffs who made this stage happen. Thank you so, so much.” And she bowed deeply to the fans.

Then there was a big surprise for the audience from HARUNA.
“You guys came all the way to our base, Osaka, today. So for the next tour, we will go meet you at your place! Our next tour will be next spring, going around all 47 prefectures in Japan!!” Big cheer and applause filled the venue.
“And before the 47-prefecture tour, we will release a best album. We’re going to tour with the best album!” As HARUNA continued, even a bigger applause arose.
The songs selected in the best album will be based on fans’ votes. Further details will be announced on the official homepage.

HARUNA continued on to speak about their anniversary day.
“Now that I look back and think about our 10 years, I think it went by really fast. A year after year, every time August 21st came around, I was thankful that we four were able to go through another year and it was exciting to think about how our next year will be; what we can do next. And I feel just the same way today, on our 10th Anniversary.”

She added, “More than anything, the happiest news after all, is that us four were able to make it to our 10th Anniversary. It’s a bit embarrassing to say, but it’s like a miracle that the four of us were able to continue as a band. But with these members, I am confident that we can move forward, go anywhere. I want to continue on; to end each day saying, ‘see you tomorrow’ and to walk on believing in ourselves, for as long as possible.” After speaking about SCANDAL’s 10 years and their future, they performed “Hachi-gatsu”, a song that they wrote being inspired by that summer 10 years ago, when they first met. And then they played, “SCANDAL BABY”, another live favorite that was the first song on their first album and the song boosted the audience’s energy. HARUNA then said, “Now I’ll introduce our members!” and four of them put down their instruments and picked up the hand mics, to perform a dance tune, “SCANDAL IN THE HOUSE”, a song where all four of them take the vocal parts. After 27 songs, the memorable live finally ended.

When the four stepped down from the stage finishing their 10th Anniversary show, fireworks went off in the night sky.

Thus SCANDAL celebrated their 10th Anniversary at an outdoor stage in Osaka, where they first united as a band. It became a day where they promised the fans that they will aim higher and continue to walk on together.

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