SIN ISOMER’s Debut Album BURST Into ISOMER: Out Now!


06 Oct SIN ISOMER’s Debut Album BURST Into ISOMER: Out Now!

JPU Records is proud to introduce Japanese heavy metal act SIN ISOMER, with their powerful debut album BURST Into ISOMER out now on CD and digital formats outside of Japan, Korea and China via JPU Records.

BURST Into ISOMER is a fast-paced journey through melodic metal, featuring lyrics sung entirely in English and packed with guest spots from Japan’s top metal musicians, including Anzi (former guitarist of visual kei / power metal outfit Matenrou Opera), triple necked guitar player YOSHIHIRO (Guild) and production and arrangement handled by tatsuo, the producer and arranger of international hits from BABYMETAL, Golden Bomber and Momoiro Clover Z.

“I’m a big fan of some of the guest musicians on this record,” comments JPU Records director Tom Smith. “So I know this was going to be one hell of an exciting album – and I wasn’t wrong! The vocals are particularly powerful!”


01. Quiet Sky
02. The Last Spell
03. Sin
04. Future King
05. Peal of church bell
06. Sediment
07. Bang Your Head

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