Sumire Uesaka: Overseas Edition of No Future Vacances Out Now!

Sumire Uesaka – No Future Vacances

14 Sep Sumire Uesaka: Overseas Edition of No Future Vacances Out Now!

Japan’s queen of quirk Sumire Uesaka has released her first CD outside of Japan courtesy from JPU Records in Europe and North America, and it’s available buy now on CD or download / stream by clicking here. Entitled No Future Vacances, the release has 16 tracks, including viral mega-hit POP TEAM EPIC from the titular animated series, and a further five anime themes that have amounted in over seven million hits on YouTube for their official music videos.

The overseas edition of No Future Vacances includes an exclusive booklet containing original Japanese lyrics and English transliterations, making it easier for fans to sing along and study Japanese while they listen.

Sumire lists her hobbies as studying about Soviet Russia, listening to techno and walking through Tokyo’s otaku haunt Nakano Broadway. All three are present on the record, including lyrics that mix Russian and Japanese, and ironically, Sumire’s music is featured heavily in much of the anime available to buy in Nakano Broadway.

Koisuru Zukei (cubic futurismo), the catchy first single from No Future Vacances features a music video compiled solely of short Instagram videos and pictures Sumire took before closing her Instagram account. The song is also the ending theme to the anime This Art Club Has a Problem!

Follow up single Odore! Kyūkyoku Tetsugaku is a love letter to classic J-pop and features as the ending theme to the anime Aho-Girl, while Riverside Lovers (Naraku no Koi) sees Sumire tackle a ambient pop and was also used in the anime Hozuki’s Coolheadedness, along with Jigoku de Hottokēki. Both songs feature as the ending theme to volume one and two of the series respectively. There’s also electronic Inori no Hoshizora, the ending theme to Fist of the Blue Sky: Regenesis, and of course POP TEAM EPIC as the intro theme to POP TEAM EPIC which topped Spotify viral charts upon release.

Including No Future Vacances, originally released in Japan on 1 August, Sumire Uesaka has had all three of her studio albums debut in Japan’s top ten Oricon album chart. She’s also released an EP and nine singles since 2013 and was recently awarded Best Rookie Actress at the 10th Seiyu Awards for her work as a voice actress in the field of anime and video games.

SUMIRE UESAKA – NO FUTURE VACANCESSumire Uesaka – No Future Vacances

01. Yokan 03
03. Koisuru Zukei (cubic futurismo)
04. Yopparappi☆
05. Jigoku de Hottokēki
06. Riverside Lovers (Naraku no Koi)
07. Inori No Hoshizora
08. Heisei Umare
09. Hello my kitty
10. Chichi Kitoku Sugu Kaere
11. YABAI○○
12. Bungō de GO!
13. Dōshite! Rui Sensei
14. Antithesis Escape
15. Odore! Kyūkyoku Tetsugaku
16. No Future Vacances

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